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I blinked and four months past, Oh well. Time to update the site. I'm putting together a python project to show what I'm currently working on. I need to keep working on the layout, it's still a bit too simple right now.


It's been a month and I've barely touched this project... Let's change that. I've been busy, but not so busy I couldn't have been working on this. irl stuff has put me in an odd mood lately. I think these hobby projects are the only thing keeping me sane.


Made a list of projects I want to do on my projects page. Nothing crazy, mostly just a reference for myself. The Lua
scripting projects will be a lot of fun. Lua is used in a lot of big name software for their UI. VLC, WoW, WireShark and a bunch of other
applications use Lua as their go to scripting tool. AwesomeWM also uses it, so I'll get plenty of practice using it for it's intended purpose.

Hopefully, I'll be able to take some time to learn bash using the Free Software Foundaiton's pdf manual. It looks like a
solid place to start. Once I have a better handle on the basics I'll try to write some automation scripts for another project.
It seems like knowing a little bit about the C will help me a lot here. Thankfully, I have a pdf of 'The C Programming language 2nd'
from the Internet Archive. That's also a great language to learn. I'm going to have a lot of fun with that one.


I figured it out. I just needed to put padding in (derp :P). I guess the next thing to do is finish styling the web pages.
To better plan out this little project of mine I bought a blank journal to write all my ideas in. The initial layout is almost done.
I just need to tidy up a bit and then i can start working on a couple video projects.


Trying to figure out how to put a space between div so I can see the brick wall background. It's not going well...
I'm focusing on doing the easy stuff right now so I have some sense of acomplishment for today.

The YouTube Channel has been made. I'm going to record some video game footage and add it to the channel so
I have something to embed here. I need to practice using OBS and ShotCut too. I have no artistic skill so it
should be a fun challenge learning how to edit.